What Not to Do In Marriage : Gordon B. Hinckley

It cuts both ways.


To men within the sounds of my voice, wherever you may be, I say, if you are guilty of demeaning behavior toward your wife, if you are prone to dictate and exercise authority over her, if you are selfish and brutal in your actions at home, then stop it!  Repent!  Repent now while you have the opportunity to do so.

To you wives who are constantly complaining and see only the dark side of life, and feel that you are unloved and unwanted, look into your own hearts and minds.  If there is something wrong, turn about.  Put a smile on your faces.  Make yourselves attractive.  Brighten your outlook.  You deny yourselves happiness and court misery if you constantly complain and do nothing to rectify your own faults.  Rise above the shrill clamor over rights and prerogatives, and walk in the quiet dignity of a daughter of God.

–Cornerstones of a Happy Home.  Gordon B. Hinckley, 1984



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