Easter Ideas for Next Year

capitalist egg hunt

I’m a bit of a communist when it comes to egg hunts: You brought 12 eggs, you leave with 12 eggs.  Congratulations on your speed and agility son, now give me these eggs so I can redistribute them.

This makes the egg-poor kids happy, and the egg-rich kids sad.

So I thought of something!  Why not reserve 30 or more eggs when hiding the rest?  After all of the eggs have been found, line the comrades up for an inspection and simply give some of the reserved eggs to the poor.  That makes everyone happy, and no one sad!

Congress has my contact information if they need a simple solution to their egg distribution.

New idea (4/6/13): You could just instruct the kids that when they find their 12 eggs, they should sit down in the field.  Then if there are more to find, they can get up for round two, as long as everyone already has the 12 they brought with them.

Can you tell this is a major problem in my life?  My kids are often the ones with 4 eggs at the end of the hunt.  It makes me sad that they can’t even come with what they started with.  Last year they were looking for the specific eggs that they brought with them–a dinosaur shaped one, a flowery one.  So they were passing over “other people’s” eggs looking for their own.  I have try to educate them on the art of egg hunting, and they did better this year, but it would still be nice if it weren’t so cut-throat.

5 responses to “Easter Ideas for Next Year

  1. That works great as long as Congress has a magical source of eggs that doesn’t involve taking eggs from the haves.
    I guess the Fed does, with their quantitative easing, but that just serves to reduce the value of an egg. Eggflation.

  2. Jan! I am loving this new blog. So much to think about and talk about. I wish we were closer!

    This post made me laugh. Although I did think, well, we kind of are distributing those extra eggs…the problem is who will be paying for them…

    • Dani, I wish we were closer too. I think what congress needs is a secret stash of extra eggs, like the 30 in the basket–maybe from tariffs or training foreign armies or something. Keep our budget balanced through taxes and internal spending, and then supplement SS and Medicare through the egg basket. there. Problem solved.

  3. Stop buying cool dinosaur/flower eggs! All the eggs should look the same and be filled with jelly beans. At our egg hunt Anna shook all the eggs, kept the ones that had coins and gave the rest to Eliza.
    All the Eggs have to be equal if we are going to have equal motivation.

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