Counsel from General Conference

The LDS (Mormon) Church just finished its semiannual General Conference yesterday.  There were several talks that I thought should be seen by everyone in the world, especially as relating to women and men.

Conference Center

Elaine S. Dalton gave a great talk that emphasized women doing their job as women.  She was in Scotland on a dance tour and walked through a garden where she saw a sign that said: What e’re thou art, act well thy part.  It was the same sign that David O. McKay (one of the former prophets) saw as a missionary that buoyed him up.  If it worked for two general authorities of the Church, it ought to work for all of us.  We ARE women.  We ought to embrace what makes us unique and what things are instinctive and natural for us.  Like being a mother.  Like nurturing our own and other people’s children.  Like making things beautiful, having charity, being tender and modest.  This is our true nature; so let’s stop trying to commandeer manhood and bring femininity back to society.

Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke after Elaine Dalton on Saturday morning. The part I loved about his talk was acknowledging something that I’ve felt to be true, but never had confirmed outside of my heart: The Priesthood belongs to both men and women.  Men are not the Priesthood.  They hold the Priesthood authority and, if authorized by their worthy lives and God’s will, they can wield the power of the Priesthood (or the power of God).  But just as a woman cannot conceive a child all on her own, a man can not hold the Priesthood all on his own.  We help each other fulfill our roles.  In fact, the highest ordinance that we have–a sealing, requires a man and a woman to participate together.  No man or woman gets to the celestial kingdom on their own.

I’ll post more when the Church releases the written talks; that’s all I can remember for now.

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