Inspiration : Building a Life

This is a series of inspiring stories of women being women. To find more stories, click on the Inspiration page tab above.

Rachel and Greg Denning

See this couple?  The Dennings.  They are currently living in an RV, driving from Alaska to Argentina over the course of a couple of years.  They also have five kids.  They have decided that they want their life to be a certain way–traveling, learning from the cultures around them, homeschooling.  And they have built their life to match their priorities.

Now, their dream is not my dream.  In fact, it’s a little bit my anti-dream.  But they inspire me to build my life around the dreams that I do have.  I want a life that is peaceful, fun and stable.  I want my family to love good books, good music and good food.  I want to be close to a Mormon temple and some mountains.  I want to not be immersed in technology.  So, I need to map out and execute a plan that will create my dream life.  If I just buy junk food at the grocery store, spend our money on DVDs or crappy music because it is cheap, my dream will remain beyond my reach, which is sad because, really, I’m not asking for the moon.  Or a cross-continental voyage.

We can live deliberately.  Spend our money and energy on things that are worthwhile.

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