Women are beautiful creatures.  Our faces, our shapes, our eyes and hair.  And because of the Law of Attraction, beauty will follow beauty.  So beautiful people can create beautiful things.

This ability to create beauty is evident in the story of a man who went to visit a colleague who had recently been divorced one December night.  As he stepped into this man’s home, he was suddenly overwhelmingly grateful for his own wife.  This colleague’s home was clean, it contained the essentials for living, but it was sterile, cold and without personality.  Plain, utilitarian furniture was placed intermittently around the main room, the kitchen had the feel of a motel-room kitchenette, the bathroom was colorless and cold.

The man returned home after a nice visit with his co-worker to his own home.  He walked in to a cozy, warm, color-coordinated  living room, ready for Christmas.  His wife and children had hung beautiful ornaments on the tree and placed decorations on the mantel.  The kitchen was clean and the scent of Christmas cookies wafted through the house.  There were throw pillows on the couches, coordinated shower curtains and bath mats, framed pictures and portraits on the walls.  Women make a noticeable difference in the feeling of the home by making it beautiful.  That influence is felt by all those who enter there.

Making our homes, offices, yards and even selves beautiful has become even more difficult.  In an effort to always create something new, something to buy, something to covet, truly beautiful things have been left behind as bizarre and awkward things are pushed to the front. Personal beauty has been hijacked by ugliness.  It is a simple case of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  If it looks ugly, it is ugly.  Don’t wait around to be talked into it.

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But guess what, it isn’t lovely, or classic or tasteful.  It is ugly.  And I don’t need to follow anyone else’s idea of beauty.  I love the look of 1940s women’s clothing.  So I’m going to stick to those shapes and lines.  Who cares what H&M has in their windows?! We can reclaim our own ideals of beauty by ignoring the Fashionable People and looking inward to what truly makes us beautiful.

I loved this post on my sister’s blog:

Of course, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, but this was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Ben and I were out together over a year ago, I can’t remember when, we were at a fancy sushi restaurant in Salt Lake when this woman walked in. She was possibly late 20’s to early 30’s, the first thing I noticed about her was her shirt.

She honestly seemed a bit underdressed for this restaurant but she was totally confident. She was trim, not large but also not bone skinny. Her hair was short, but very clean and simple.
Her face was what captivated me most. Her eyes were bright and open, you could tell she was kind and gracious. She wore very little make-up, and just small jewels in her ears. She had a kind and genuine smile. I kept finding myself peeking over at her during dinner. She was polite with her dining companion, listening to what he said, not overpowering the conversation with idle laughter or immature silliness. She was just the most attractive woman I have ever seen and it wasn’t because she was wearing anything special or adorning herself with expensive or gaudy accessories. If I had dared, I would have walked up to her and said “Excuse me, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I just want you to know that.” And, because she was kind, she would have just smiled and said “thank you”.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell reminds us that our gift for beauty is inherited, “When we return to our real home, it will be with the ‘mutual approbation’ of those who reign in the ‘royal courts on high.’  There we will find beauty such as mortal ‘eye hath not seen’; we will hear sounds of surpassing music which mortal ‘ear hath not heard’.  Could such a regal homecoming be possible without the anticipatory arrangements of a Heavenly Mother?”

President Brigham Young admonished us to use this gift of beauty: “Let the sisters take care of themselves, and make themselves beautiful, and if any of you are so superstitious and ignorant as to say that this is pride, I can say that you are not informed as to the pride which is sinful before the Lord, you are also ignorant as to the excellency of the heavens, and of the beauty which dwells in the society of the Gods.  Were you to see an angel, you would see a beautiful and lovely creature.  Make yourselves like angels in goodness and beauty.”

I spent 2009 learning to be beautiful.  It was my New Year’s Resolution.  It was so incredibly fun.  I documented it here. It changed me because I realized that for all of my life, I was fighting against whatever beauty I had.  I didn’t want to be vain or proud or self-conscious.  So I tried to act like it didn’t matter to me.  But my true self really wants to be beautiful.  I think that every woman, deep down, feels the same.  Search it out!  Find your beauty.  Everything that God created on earth and in heaven is beautiful.  We can glorify Him through showing the world the beauty that He created in us.


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