Book Review : The Mother In Me

In my search for other blogs or sites for LDS women who embrace their womanhood, I stumbled across which is one of the best collections of LDS women writers who share my wavelength, and which has been around for a long time, and which, typically, I had never heard of.  But I loved them.  And then I saw on their sidebar that they had compiled a collection of essays and poems about motherhood so I skipped on over to amazon and bought it.  For $4. Best $4 I’ve spent in a long time.

mother in me

My review of the book is: It is wonderful.  Inspiring, funny, clever, touching, poignant.  It includes 43 different selections–some poems, some essays–all really well written and expressive of the emotions that young mothers feel daily but can’t put words to.  There are stories about birth, still birth, miscarriage, adoption, newborn phase, nursing, toddlers, up to the start of school.  Reading it is like having a prolonged flashback of the joyful moments of motherhood.

At one point, I was reading a poem by Heather Harris Bergevin and I thought–hey! This is MY poem! But she did it so much better than I could have.  I’d had an idea running around my head about “we are an outdoor family” which is why we can’t ever keep our hair combed or our clothes clean, but we sure have fun.  But I didn’t ever get around to expressing it in words.  Now I don’t have to, because she did such an excellent job.

And, for your enjoyment, and oblivious to all copyright laws, I would like to present:

The Catalogue Children

by Heather Harris Bergevin

The Catalogue children

wear Dior suits, pressed,

and tulle-frilled dresses with patent on;

Mine roll downhill at church

in Sunday clothes and insist on filling their good shoes

in the sandbox.

The Catalogue children

have a pirate ship, custom made

with organic, recovered teak, hand


swords, on carbonized-bamboo flooring;

Mine make do

with a laundry hamper, cracked,

two mops, toilet paper tubes

and a beach sarong.

The Catalogue children

never get wet

or complain of mosquitoes

when photographed in fancy dress

at the evening party at the pier.

Mine fall in

while catching fireflies,

already-stained brown chocolate cake,

red punch, dirt, and lipstick kissed.

Catalogue children, let us come

play in your perfected

picture world.

Don’t worry;

We will show you how.

Isn’t that just lovely? I recommend this book to anyone who needs a joyful accounting of what it is to be a mother.

4 responses to “Book Review : The Mother In Me

  1. I also love Love LOVE this book! I bought extra copies to give to my sisters and it was my reading during every feeding right after my baby was born. I was so sad it when ended as I wanted to read more and more! I agree, truly inspiring and touching. I would also recommend it to any mother, in any stage of life! Thanks, Jan!

  2. I had a friend email me your link today, and it made my week! I love our little Segullah family so greatly, and am so honored to be associated with these amazing women. And, I’m so pleased you enjoyed my little poem- Heather Bergevin

    • Wow! Now you’ve made MY week! I truly love everything of yours that I have read. One day I just searched your name on Segullah and read it all. And loved it all. Thanks for coming by!

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