A Poem For My Baby Girls

To My Baby With the Half-Moon Eyes

I get to love you as no one else ever can.
Your full cheeks, the perfect curve of your nose.
Those half-moon eyes shining transparently through
to your soul.

So thrilled with your body and your mind.
So eager to try everything, touch everything,
put every little thing in that adorable mouth.
Those petite lips that stretch as wide as your face
when you giggle and smile.

I get to love your coos of curiosity –
they capture me so tenderly and I mimic you
not in jest, but in longing to speak so softly, so sweetly.
I get to love your chubby legs and dimpled feet.
Your tiny hands, so accurate and precise in their movements.

No one else has ever been like you in the history of the world-
You are special in a thousand ways.
And I am the privileged one who gets to see you as you are.
Just me.  And God.

half moon eyes

(For Eva, August 2009)


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