To Our Men

Father’s Day is coming quick, the cards are made, the Top 10 list compiled, the menu contemplated.  Unfortunately, this holiday is becoming more and more painful for many in our society.  Innumerable families have been adversely affected by the absence of a father in their homes.  Children need fathers just as much as they need mothers.  And wives need husbands to help shoulder the load of life.  And so,  I want to kick of the celebration a little early: I would like to thank the men in our lives who have stuck around.

Thank you for fulfilling your duty in the family–sometimes out of obligation, mostly out of love.  It doesn’t really matter your motivation, ours changes too.  And knowing that you are following through out of obligation honestly makes us feel protected.  Something as volatile as the emotion of love can change in an instant, but you know your responsibilities and live by them.  That seems to be a deeper manifestation of love.  In the midst of the storms swirling around us, you are a source of strength to which  we can reliably tether ourselves.

Thank you for defying the stereotypes and expectations of what a man should do–you are not a tyrant or negligent.  When the other guys are hitting the bars or the latest UFC fight to decompress after work, you come home and help us with the dishes and bathe the squirmy kids.

You work so hard, day after day, to turn your energy and skills into gold.  Then you hand the gold to us and we turn it into a life.  We are alchemists, and the magic needs us both.

You delight in the children we fill our home with.  These crazy, chaotic, messy, loud and needy little humans.  You feel a strong urgency to make them sane, orderly, clean, respectful and independent–not just ignore them or send them out of the way.  And even if you are the heavy and I am the soft (or you are the soft and I am the heavy), it is good that they have us both.  There is a balance to our home.

Thank you for defining what it is to be a man.   You are a beacon of light to the men and women around you.  You stand for righteousness, duty and family.  You honor God and He gives you His power–the power to bless His children–your children.  The priesthood has become the power for you to be a great father.

Playing horsey

Happy Father’s Day!  We love you.  We need you.  Thank you for standing with us.

8 responses to “To Our Men

    • hosander, your mind is turned to mush and you shouldn’t post comments when you can’t punctuate correctly. shake my head.

  1. “You work so hard, day after day, to turn your energy and skills into gold. Then you hand the gold to us and we turn it into a life. We are alchemists, and the magic needs us both.”

    Just read your babysitting article and liked it and tried out this article.

    That thought above is awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about men (through your husband– or is it the other way around?).

    I love the divine alchemy that God prepared and am learning to appreciate it more and more as I watch this crazy world get more and more confused with all this gender confusion.

    Thanks again.

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