Inspiration : Contentment

I ran into a friend at church and asked her how her new house was coming along.  She is building her dream house and has been inundated by all the decisions and costs that come with the process.  She looked up and said, “Actually, we aren’t moving anymore.”

It was one of those situations where you have no idea where to lay your next word.  Like a minefield of possible offenses–should I be sad for her? Happy?  Should I assume it was a disaster?  She smiled and reassured me, “No, we are fine.  It’s all good.  It was just made clear to us that the Lord wanted us to stay in our house.  That we had enough and didn’t need the stress of a luxurious new house.”

Big ole' fancy house

It touched me to the core.  She said that she had just gotten so caught up in the moment of buying and planning and committing that she hadn’t actually prayed to know if it was a good idea.  She just wanted it, so she was praying for this specific thing to work out, or to get more hours at work to pay for that thing.  When the dust finally settled she felt impressed to pray with a more open heart to know if this whole idea was even God’s will.   He made it known that it wasn’t.  She didn’t need to be so busy working to pay for the house, and her children were happy where they were at.  Their house was fine and suited their needs perfectly.

And the result, she said, was an all-encompassing peace and contentment with her life.

I think it touched me so much because I spend a sizable portion of my days (especially when I am cleaning my house) imaging what my house will be like when my husband moves on to his professional job.  He’s still in training, and we are hoping for a substantial pay raise in a couple of years.  But hearing her talk about the stress of taking care of things and worrying about the new house staying pristine has made me reevaluate that dream.  I’d still like newer baseboards and a kitchen with enough cupboards for my stuff.  But more than that, I want the contentment that comes from the Lord.  Better than having everything you want is being content with what you already have.

Enough is as good as a feast.


6 responses to “Inspiration : Contentment

  1. i really like this! i am hugely obsessed with home decor, it’s definitely one of my favorite hobbies. but it troubles me when people focus more on a future home than the one in which they live. i think it’s important to make every home a comfortable, beautiful place where your family can be happy. my mother-in-law has friends who moved their family into their dream mansion….then promptly moved right back to the previous house. the woman said that the family needed to “live on top of each other” instead of everyone having separate wings of the house where nobody had to deal with another person. so wise!

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