Another Girl

Congratulations to my friend Jodi, on having baby girl number 4 yesterday. 

This poem is for her, and all you wonderful mothers of daughters.   


“Another girl?!” they ask in mock wonder.
“That makes, what, four?”
Wry smiles about bathrooms,
prom dresses, hormones and budgets.

“Well, maybe number 5 will be a boy.”
They say with a smirk that instantly
Rubs out this baby’s worth. All girls’ worth.
My worth.

What good is another creature like me?
“Another girl”, I say to myself
Another mirror to show me how beautiful I am.
Another bright trill of laughter to fill out the symphony of our joyful home.
Another set of strawberry pigtails to delight strangers in the grocery store.
A loyal daughter who will parent like I do.
A sister in this family that will plan reunions, birthdays and graduations in grand style.
A branch in my family tree that becomes a trunk in her own–
Continuing the legacy of pigtails, parties, laughter and children.

It’s true, a darling boy would have carried on his father’s name–
but these girls carry on my heart.


6 responses to “Another Girl

  1. Great poem. In defense of people of that might say “Another girl?”, one of my wife’s siblings has 5 boys and another has 6 girls. Having boys and girls adds such a cool dynamic to a family and if I have ever unknowingly offended anyone with such a remark, it was not to devalue a boy or a girl, but only my wish for everyone to experience a family with boys and girls.

  2. Love it Jan! That photo is adorable (is that your supportive hand behind the proud big sister?) and it is so meaningful to consider the wonder of welcoming a baby girl. Thanks for sharing. I too loved the last line.

  3. Love, love, love. This speaks to my heart, since I come from a family of 7 girls and 1 boy (plus parents). I’m so sick of the “Poor guy!” and “How’d he get cursed in the pre-existence?” comments. And also the “At least your dad got his boy” from total strangers. What is this, China, with a 1-child pro-male policy? Sorry–your topic struck a nerve.

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