Fasting for the Refugees

What a sad world we have.  The thing I loved about the movie “The Saratov Approach” was that they turned to God to solve the problem, and He did.  I believe the same is possible for us in our own lives, for communities and for the world at large.  We can love and support people on the path, but eventually all lasting solutions come from God.

A friend of mine has a great idea to fast the evening before Thanksgiving for the plight of the refugees across the world, and then donate that money to the LDS Humanitarian fund, or another charity of your choice.  Check out her blog here.

Nothing is too hard for God.  The caveat is “Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened.”  I know the refugees are asking too, let’s join our faith to theirs.

2 responses to “Fasting for the Refugees

  1. I believe Heavenly Father is planning on some of His children to hear the Gospel they otherwise would not be available to them. Perhaps we should fast and pray that they are protected and assisted to reside in a SAFE place, where there are missionaries.

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