Relief Society Guest Post

I’m blogging over at Women In The Scriptures today in commemoration of the Relief Society’s Birthday (the big 1-7-4!)

Drop over and check out the post and the blog. Heather, the blogger at Women in the Scriptures, is a faithful, smart, enthusiastic defender of women and the church. She’s like that one girl in Relief Society that everyone likes, and she knows everything. Yep, she’s got a blog.

Happy Birthday, Relief Society! We love you!


One response to “Relief Society Guest Post

  1. Brilliant B. R. I. L. L. I. A. N. T. –loved every word. We have lived in so many places and I have attended Relief Society all over the world. What an amazing organization. I remember Sister Kimball’s call to the scriptures. Thank you! Your writings are an inspiration to us all. Love Sister Whitlark

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