Spread the word: The Abolitionists Movie is Coming


Have you heard about Operation Underground Railroad?  Tim Ballard is a former CIA and Homeland Security agent who was working in the child crimes division, rescuing kids from trafficking and other horrible situations, but there were a few cases where he had to leave kids behind because they didn’t fall under the government’s jurisdiction.  So he decided to go rogue.  A little.  He created a non-profit organization Operation Underground Railroad that is privately run, so it doesn’t have to leave any kids behind because it doesn’t have to answer to any one government.  One of their tactics is planning sting operations with local governments to ferret out the traffickers.

This film is a documentary about one such operation, in Columbia.  The story touches on the actual operation, the larger organization and the monumental problem of child trafficking and sex slavery.  Sounds like a real downer, doesn’t it?  I know. But the more we look away from these dark and repulsive issues, the more they flourish.  This documentary starts to shed light on the problem in a broad way, and hopefully the light will start to battle the darkness of these children’s lives.  There are 2 million children worldwide living in this kind of endless hell.  They shouldn’t be shoved into the closet and forgotten because we don’t want to deal with the discomfort. Learning about the problem and how to help is the first step in defeating these bad guys.

The show is only playing one night, Monday May 16th.  You can see if it will be playing at a theater near you on this website.

Here is the trailer, as well.

Please help spread the word about this film.  They are relying on word of mouth to reach out to the communities.  Post it on your facebook wall, tell your friends, go see the show.

What are your thoughts? (Please review the comment policy above)

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