Things Moms Say (Vol. 1)

I had no idea when I started having children 10 years ago that the most oft-repeated thing out of my mouth would be “don’t eat that!”. Moms have the opportunity to invent some really interesting sentences. Please share your most inventive sentences in the comments!

Here are some of mine lately:

  • “Why is the soap dish in the living room?”
  • “Don’t eat that!” (booger)
  • “Why are there Rice Krispies all over the couch? SERIOUSLY GUYS!”
  • “Are you going to throw up right now?!”
  • “Don’t eat that!” (garbage)
  • “I don’t care what you do, just don’t wake me up.”
  • “Where is your diaper?!!!”
  • “The babies were upstairs playing with the cleaning supplies.”
  • “Don’t eat that!” (A stick)
  • “I promise, the bus isn’t full of poisonous spiders.”
  • “It’s not cheese! It’s metal! Stop eating it.” (Waterline valve on the sidewalk).
  • “I know, most of your problems could be solved if you could just hover.”


What are your thoughts? (Please review the comment policy above)

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