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Welcome to my blog!  Please feel free to join the conversation with constructive and instructive comments.  You don’t have to agree with me, but I will not tolerate comments that solely criticize me and my thoughts without providing another perspective.  Any mean, malicious or stupid comments will be deleted.  So say something useful!

3 responses to “Comment Policy

  1. I read your article What to Pay the Babysitter and loved it. I felt the same way you did and set out to ask college students if they would want to work (odd jobs and babysit) for min wage – approx $15 an hour. An overwhelming majority said yes! This lead me to start a business that connects these students with people who want to hire them. I think many people are unnecessarily paying young people too much and as you suggest, there may be fewer opportunities for them because of it.

  2. I loved your story. In 1974 I made $5.00 a DAY pumping gas and cleaning toilets at the local Texaco station after school. I was 13 and very proud of my job. Today my youngest son makes twice that much per hour at a tire shop and earns every penny of it. Other kids his age would rather bum money from mom and dad than get their hands dirty. Keep up the good work and don’t let the detractors get you down. Your kids will thank you for it. Best wishes, Larry

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